Panacea Services
Due diligence and regulatory compliance audit
Hazardous waste site characterization & remediation
Environmental air quality management
Environmental impact statements and reports
Asbestos and lead services
Microbial investigations and assessments
Litigation Support

About Panacea

Panacea, Inc. (Panacea) established in February 1994, specializes in many areas of environmental, geological, and engineering consulting and construction services. Panacea comprises multidisciplinary environmental consultants, including geologists, hydrologists, engineers, soil physicists, and industrial hygienists. Our knowledgeable and professional staffs act as project managers and provide client interface, project management, and technical guidance and review, as well as interface with regulatory agencies.

The following beliefs form the foundation of Panacea:

  • We believe in performing services only with qualified staff, associates, and outside contractors (by education, training, or experience) in the specific project involved.
  • We believe that all work procedures shall be tailored to meet all local, state, and Federal requirements, as well as our client's policies and directives.
  • We believe in performing services safely, so that the employees, public, and environment are protected.
  • We believe that quality should supercede schedule, and schedule should supercede budget when conflict exists.

At Panacea we strive to stay true to our missions:

  • To provide reliable, timely, high-quality, and cost-effective environmental and construction solutions and services to our clients.
  • To maintain highly qualified staff members and associates with superior skills, integrity, and professionalism.
  • To keep current with environmental regulations to assist our clients in maintaining compliance.
  • To maintain high technical and ethical standards.
  • To help in keeping the environment clean and healthy.