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Microbial Investigations and Assessments

Recent attention to the effects of mold on public health and indoor air quality has led to increasing numbers of lawsuits of building occupants against builders, building owners, and insurance companies. Such lawsuits seek to recover costs for personal/bodily injury, pain and suffering, mental anguish/emotional distress, property damage, property/contents replacement, living expenses, investigation/appraisal expenses, remediation, attorneys' fees, and breach of contract.

Part of the problem in assessing liability in such cases is the lack of state and federal regulations concerning the effects of mold on health and indoor air quality, as well as the lack of agreement between medical experts about the types and amounts of mold that are harmful to humans. Guidelines are gradually being developed, such as California Assembly Bill (AB) 284 and Senate Bill (SB) 732.

Attorneys must rely on the performance of qualified technical professionals to help assess impact and responsibility in such cases. Panacea has qualified scientists, engineers, and technicians to perform mold investigations. Panacea's personnel have experience in performing such investigations for residential (single- and multi-family), commercial, and industrial buildings, as well as schools. Our staff members provide services ranging from sampling for mold and bacteria to oversight of microbiological remediation projects. These services include:

  • Investigation, analysis, and Remediation planning
  • Remediation management
  • Clearance inspection and sampling
  • Litigation support
  • Expert witness testimony

Environmental litigation usually involves a number of disciplines that address complex interdependent issues. Panacea's approach to litigation support is to provide quality data, documentation, and answers in a manner that can be understood and presented in the courtroom.